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How Can Small Business Owners, RE Investors and W2 Earners Stop Paying Upto 50% Of Their Income In Taxes?

….By stacking up advanced Tax and Accounting strategies.

Presenter: Gunveen Bachher

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How Sid saved $35,000 in taxes…

Do you feel you are paying a lot in taxes? Are you constantly looking for DIY ways to increase your Tax Savings? That’s how Sid felt too.

Sid is a consultant, runs his own business, has a few rentals and his wife has a full time W2 job. He has two dependent children and they all live in the Bay Area. Sid always knew that he waspaying too much in taxes and kept reading on how to save money in taxes but of no avail.

Sid is one of our clients and he came to us to help him maximize tax savings for 2021.

We came up with a perfect Tax Plan where we stacked up easy to implement tax planning strategies for him. We helped him save $35,000 in his taxes plus also get a refund on his spouse’s already withheld income.

You’ll learn:

New ways to save tens and thousands of dollars in taxes. No kidding!

We will give you a complete 100% refund if you are not satisfied with the service.

Join 150+ Real Estate Entrepreneurs

You will achieve real and tangible results: Profits, Cash Flows, ROI, and Cash on Cash.

Who will benefit from this training?

  • Real Estate Investors – who are looking to buy investment properties each year and grow and diversify their portfolio.
  • Small Business Owners: Who make more than $500k a year, LLC, S-Corps, Corps,​Full time
  • W2 job earners- Who make more than $250k or more.
  • Flippers: Buy, Renovate, Rent, Refinance, Repeat( BRRRR)
  • ​Wholesalers. – looking for below the market and selling them for a fee.
  • Syndicators- Apartment syndications; people who have W2 jobs but are looking to invest passively into real estate.
  • Private Landlords- doing both short term and long term rentals; Schedule C filers

Join 150+ Real Estate Entrepreneurs

You will achieve real and tangible results: Profits, Cash Flows, ROI, and Cash on Cash.

Look you don’t to have to worry about tax savings and tracking expenses all at the same time.

You do what you are best at doing which is finding and closing great deals!

  • You will now have the flexibility of creating your own portfolio of investments.
  • You get to convert all your active income to passive and start getting taxed at much lower tax rates. Passive income gets taxed upto a maximum of 20%.
  • ​Be Audit Proof, Compliant and Tax Ready.
  • You get to spend more time with your family, children and loved ones.
  • You gain financial freedom faster and get to retire sooner.
  • ​You get to travel to exotic places and write a book that you’ve always wanted to.

Join 150+ Real Estate Entrepreneurs

You will achieve real and tangible results: Profits, Cash Flows, ROI, and Cash on Cash.

Why work with us?

Why work with us
  • You get access to the Country’s # 1 Tax Planning Software called Tax Planner Pro where you can view real time savings for your business or businesses.
  • You get 24*7 access to QuickBooks Online in order to track your income and expenses.
  • You get super easy access to Debt Funding– You get to work with one of the best people in the country for small business, real estate and commercial loans of upto $10million.
  • ​SBA Loans between 3.75%-9.5% APR are considered the gold standard of the industry.

Join 150 Small Business Owners

Additional Benefits….

Save oodles of time and get yourself organized! Increase ROI and Cash flows.

You no longer rummage through those over piling receipts and maintain several tedious spreadsheets. Added Savings of $25k and more.

Increase Market Cap!

Increase your cash flows by getting loans- buy more properties, office space, commercial and even other businesses, Increase your market capitalization by 200%.

Be Compliant and Tax Ready!

You remain compliant and audit proof. As per the Statute of Limitations, the IRS can go back upto 7 years when it comes auditing both your personal and business tax returns and books.

Gift Planning!

Pass on wealth and properties completely tax free to your heirs.

Join 150 Small Business Owners

Client reviews

clint review
Ann Persaud- Owner, Gas Station, Wassaic, NY
Ann reviews:

” Gunveen sounded knowledgeable and confident and I instantly knew that she would be able to help us out. Our loan did not get approved the first time, and so Gunveen advised us to put in an appeal. She did not charge us extra for the appeal which I think was great. She was extremely patient and friendly throughout. She was also very communicative and kept updating us on our loan status. We always knew where we were in the process, thanks to her. Once we got those loan amounts, our lives changed drastically. All I would say is- Go for it, it will work!”

clint review
Leroy Johnson, Realtor, KW Realty, Katy, Texas
Ann reviews:

” Gunveen is amazing. She is an integral part of my team. Her knowledge and professionalism is unparalleled. I lean on her for all my business financial decisions and trust her counsel unequivocally. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a financial partner. ”

clint review
Harvy Valencia- Owner, Home Remodeling, Gaithersburg, MD
clint review
Franck Sfy, Owner, Real Estate, Rockville, MD

How Franck kickstarted his new real estate business within 24 hrs.

clint review
Raj Shettra, Owner, Liquor Store, Denver, CO

How Raj pumped in more cash to grow his newly acquired business.

Raj reviews:

” Gunveen was extremely professional, communicative and easy to work with. I was applying at a time when I was transitioning from my trucking business to owning a liquor store. I knew that the odds were stacked against me. Her working methodology is unique as she connects with you on social media, stays in touch over all matters big and small, and gets the task accomplished in no time. “

Join 150 Small Business Owners

Old Ways vs New Ways Of 10X Your Wealth!

Old Way of doing things # 1 : Limited To Investing in just Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Muni Bonds, using traditional retirement vehicles such as a 401k, ROTH IRA, SEP IRA, Spousal IRA etc.

As a result, see average growth rate of 10% in portfolio over the term of the investment.

Not enough flexibility in terms of choice of investments; not able to spread the risk enough.

New Way of doing things # 1 : Have a Custodian, Open a Self directed Retirement Account Such as Solo 401k or a Self directed ROTH IRA or a Solo(k).

Diversify, Spread the risk, Massive Savings in Money,

Be able to move around money between various investments,

Achieve high overall growth over long term,

Be able to make tax free money, have tax deferred growth, have tax free money at retirement and be able to pass on money tax free to your heirs.

Old Way of doing things # 2: Take Accelerated Depreciation also known as Cost Segregation on your rental properties

Not knowing what accelerated depreciation is and how to take it.

Wait for extended time periods such as 29 yrs and 39.5 yrs to take those losses.

New Way of doing things # 2: Take accelerated depreciation on personal property using the piecemeal method.

You can now expedite losses and take them within 5 years for some of the assets.

It’s possible to create depreciation deductions of up to 20%-40% of the purchase price of the real estate.

Old Way of doing things # 3 : Live and Invest in the Southern states, Tax Free States and even Inland America. Tax Free States are Texas, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, Wyoming, Tennessee etc. and avoid California, DC, NJ and New York.

Move to states with a high cost of living such as California ,DC or New York to get a job or start a business;

Bigger Economies meant more opportunities, Average cost of SFH in California: $683,000 and DC: $691,997.

As a result, Pay high rents, high bills, higher taxes, higher property taxes, higher down payments, highly competitive, expensive and limited inventory, creates cash flow bottlenecks, leads to stress.

New Ways of Doing Things # 3: Move to the Southern States or even Tax free states;

Invest in properties that require lower initial down payment investment, more and cheaper inventory;

Average cost of SFH in Oklahoma: $167k or Kentucky: $168k

As a result: Lower cost of living, lower real estate value, lower down payments, lower property taxes, lower taxes overall even lower gasoline prices. 🙂

We did the math and found out that if you use Self-Directed Retirement Accounts for Investing and Diversifying your portfolio, Get Cost Segregation done and take Depreciation as an annual expense and Live and Invest in the Southern States or even Inland America, you can 10X your savings and multiply your wealth 50X ( exponentially?) before you retire, mostly TAX FREE!

Join 150 Small Business Owners

Why work with us?

  • I get to work with people from the real estate world, namely investors and work on real life problems that they face.
  • Plus you won’t find many CPAs/EAs who specialize in real estate taxes & accounting.
  • Don’t miss out! We’re currently offering 25% off your first service with us if you sign up by end of the month.
  • ​You have nothing to lose. If you’re not satisfied with your service in 30 days, you’ll get a full refund guaranteed.