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GavTax Advisory Services specializes in Tax Planning, Tax Resolution, Commercial & Real Estate Loans, CFO Services, Tax Preparation and Bookkeeping Services. 

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My mission is to provide small businesses and individuals with year round tax planning services.

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I am responsive & offer competent, timely and courteous service and am available all year to answer questions & offer advice.

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My business philosophy is to create and nurture positive customer relationships by way of showing respect for time.

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I strive for excellence in each and every task that I undertake. I am a professional that performs high quality services.

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I create exceptional value for my clients and give my attention that they deserve and a certainty that their interests are in good hands.

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I am discrete, respect client privacy and keep all information strictly confidential.

Tax Planning

GavTax Advisory Services is a Tax and Accounting firm that specializes in tax planning for real estate investors, landlords and realtors. Our goal is to help clients achieve multiple 6figures in revenues and increase cash flows up to 20% and more by using advanced tax planning strategies. Our aim is to help clients multiply and create generational wealth.

Tax Return Preparation, Tax Compliance
and Tax Filing

We prepare federal and state tax returns for Individuals, Partnerships, Sole Proprietors, Corporations, Estates and Trust. Tax Return Preparation Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Partnership
  • S-Corporation
  • C-Corporation
  • Gift & Estate
  • Multi-State
  • Amended Returns

Entity Structure Selection

We help you choose your business structure be it a Sole-Proprietorship, Partnership, Single member LLC, S-Corporation election, C-Corporation, LLP, LP, PLLC etc. Also help identify and complete all State Registrations, We will help you get your company tax compliant and ready to go.

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What we Offer

  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Resolution- Liens, Levies, Offers in Compromise, Instalment Agreement
  • CFO services such as Budgeting, Quarterly/Annual Cash Flow Forecasting, Business Plans, Modeling, Financial Statements review and discussions, growth strategies etc.
  • Entity Structure Selection
  • Small Business Loans of up to $5 million
  • Accounting services such as Tax Preparation and Bookkeeping for small business owners.

Bookkeeping includes maintaining management reports such as the balance sheet, cash flow, profit and loss, A/P, A/R, Bad Debts statements etc. Keep you compliant as per the IRS’ 7 year Statute of Limitations.


I can help you get organized before tax season in the following ways:

1) Inform you of the forms that you might need in order to ensure a successful filing:
I ensure that the correct forms are used and inform my clients of the forms that might
be used at the time of filing.

2) Create a list of documents that you will need to gather and collect before time:
Collecting documents can be daunting and time consuming. I can help save time and hassle by providing a list of documents to you in advance.

3) Work with you to help you create a list of income and expenses

4) Discuss possible deductions with you:
I talk to my clients to discuss list of possible deductions that they might be eligible for.

5) Ensure that you have a good record keeping:
Record keeping is essential and I advise my clients to save all records, receipts, mileage
logs, other miscellaneous logs etc. for at least three years in case of an audit.

6) File an extension if need be:
I help file timely extensions for my clients as well.

Did you take all your deductions?

Tax code can be complex and should be read and followed by those who have troubling sleeping at night. The most common concern taxpayers have is “What am I missing out on?” From the hundreds of pages of tax jargon, the main thing a taxpayer needs to understand is the definition of “business expenses.” Its because personal expenses generally are not deductible whereas business expenses are tax deductible. For example, if you bought a laptop primarily for reasons such as web browsing or watching Netflix or online shopping, then you would not get a deduction for it. However, if that laptop was used primarily for your business or your real estate business to manage properties, deals, bookkeeping, closings, then the cost of the laptop maybe deductible. In most cases (depending on your tax rate), you could save up to 50% or more in income taxes with that laptop you bought. Other examples of tax deductible purchases include your work briefcase, your work phone and its associated bills, business meals with clients, business travel, business lodging and stay, business car expenses and mileage, home office deductions, so on and so forth, you get the picture. Contact me now to check and see if you qualify for more deductions.


A Full-Service Tax Planning and Tax Preparation Firm

We maintain a list of satisfied clients who see my company as one the best firms when it comes to  tax preparation.

At Gavtax, you get premium and best tax services. The services include tax planning, tax resolution, CFO services, small business loans, entity structure selection and book keeping work. The expertise and professionalism you will find at Gavtax is unmatched. We make sure that when you contact me regarding the mentioned services, you get an answer to all your queries. Contact me now and get the best customer service and value for money.

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