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Need to get your books and taxes caught up?

GavTax can prepare your prior month bookkeeping and file taxes all the way back to 2015. All you have to do is sign up for a package and we will explain the process to you and start your work right away!


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Let GavTax handle your accounting woes:

Bookeeping Review and Fix

Efficient and quick bookkeeping while we look for missed deductions. We come back to you with questions and fix issues that need attention.

Tax Return Preparation

Your accountant will personally review your prior year tax returns and look for missed deductions and tax saving strategies. In case of lost opportunities, we might also offer to amend your tax return and get your refund money back.

Personal CPA/EA Consultation

You will have your very own dedicated accountant to answer your questions via emails or phone. Ask questions to do with taxes, books, entity formation, tax planning.

Tax Planning and

If you don’t use the right tax strategies, your business will be crushed by the taxes you have to pay. We can show you all the latest tips and tricks.

Small Business Loans and Cash Flows

Need help with loans to start a new business or grow an existing one. Apply for low interest rate loans. We can help with payroll as well.

LLC, S-Corp election, C-Corporation, Partnership

We can help you set up the right entity and the right tax elections so your business can take a tax advantage plus maximize asset protection.

Join 150+ Real Estate Entrepreneurs

You will achieve real and tangible results: Profits, Cash Flows, ROI, and Cash on Cash.

A New Kind Of Tax Service

GavTax Is Better In Every Way

For the last 50 years, the tax return preparation industry has not changed in ways that benefit the client. Wait times are longer. Prices go up every year.

GavTax is different. We focus on the elements of tax preparation that clients want.

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Why work with us?

Why work with us
  • You get access to the Country’s # 1 Tax Planning Software called Tax Planner Pro where you can view real time savings for your business or businesses.
  • You get 24*7 access to QuickBooks Online in order to track your income and expenses.
  • You get super easy access to Debt Funding– You get to work with one of the best people in the country for small business, real estate and commercial loans of upto $10million.
  • ​SBA Loans between 3.75%-9.5% APR are considered the gold standard of the industry.

Join 150 Small Business Owners

Additional Benefits….

Save oodles of time and get yourself organized! Increase ROI and Cash flows.

You no longer rummage through those over piling receipts and maintain several tedious spreadsheets. Added Savings of $25k and more.

Increase Market Cap!

Increase your cash flows by getting loans- buy more properties, office space, commercial and even other businesses, Increase your market capitalization by 200%.

Be Compliant and Tax Ready!

You remain compliant and audit proof. As per the Statute of Limitations, the IRS can go back upto 7 years when it comes auditing both your personal and business tax returns and books.

Gift Planning!

Pass on wealth and properties completely tax free to your heirs.

Join 150 Small Business Owners

Client reviews

clint review
Ann Persaud- Owner, Gas Station, Wassaic, NY
Ann reviews:

” Gunveen sounded knowledgeable and confident and I instantly knew that she would be able to help us out. Our loan did not get approved the first time, and so Gunveen advised us to put in an appeal. She did not charge us extra for the appeal which I think was great. She was extremely patient and friendly throughout. She was also very communicative and kept updating us on our loan status. We always knew where we were in the process, thanks to her. Once we got those loan amounts, our lives changed drastically. All I would say is- Go for it, it will work!”

clint review
Leroy Johnson, Realtor, KW Realty, Katy, Texas
Ann reviews:

” Gunveen is amazing. She is an integral part of my team. Her knowledge and professionalism is unparalleled. I lean on her for all my business financial decisions and trust her counsel unequivocally. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a financial partner. ”

clint review
Harvy Valencia- Owner, Home Remodeling, Gaithersburg, MD
clint review
Franck Sfy, Owner, Real Estate, Rockville, MD

How Franck kickstarted his new real estate business within 24 hrs.

clint review
Raj Shettra, Owner, Liquor Store, Denver, CO

How Raj pumped in more cash to grow his newly acquired business.

Raj reviews:

” Gunveen was extremely professional, communicative and easy to work with. I was applying at a time when I was transitioning from my trucking business to owning a liquor store. I knew that the odds were stacked against me. Her working methodology is unique as she connects with you on social media, stays in touch over all matters big and small, and gets the task accomplished in no time. “

Join 150 Small Business Owners

Why work with us?

  • I get to work with people from the real estate world, namely investors and work on real life problems that they face.
  • Plus you won’t find many CPAs/EAs who specialize in real estate taxes & accounting.
  • Don’t miss out! We’re currently offering 25% off your first service with us if you sign up by end of the month.
  • ​You have nothing to lose. If you’re not satisfied with your service in 30 days, you’ll get a full refund guaranteed.

We include in every package

CPA Service

Every return is managed by our CPA staff and tax team. Ask questions, get advice, and hear recommendations.

Find Deductions

Before your return is started, our financial accountant team reviews your financial statements for missed expenses.

Tax Strategies

As a business owner, you have several tax strategies available to you. We will make sure you take advantage of every one.

Expert Reviewed

Your return is reviewed by CPA’s with an average of 12 years experience. No deduction or opportunity is missed.

Fast Turnaround

Your return can be prepared in as little as 72 hours depending on complexity and time the return is purchased

eFile & Direct Deposit

If you would like, we can efile your return for you and make sure your refund is direct deposited to your bank.

Includes K-1’s

Tax services include every form needed. You will receive K-1’s, state tax returns, and any other form the IRS requires.

Tax Return Storage

Once we finish your return, we will store it electronically on our secure servers for up to 7 years.

Premium Support

Our support agents are available to you 7 days a week from 8am – 6pm to answer all of your tax or software questions.


All Small Business Owners, why give away a share of your profits in the form of taxes to the IRS? Why put your personal finances and your family assets at risk?

By not using an entity, you are not adding that extra layer of protection that you need to protect your personal assets.

To see if you are well protected and at the same time maximising tax savings, download this free-ebook.

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