Real Estate Taxation

Real Estate Taxation

Tax Planning and Preparation for Real Estate Entrepreneurs

Real Estate Entrepreneurs have distinct tax situations that are different from the typical client. I am aware that you might have several tax related questions that need to be answered. You need to be focused on managing and growing your real estate activities, not worrying about your taxes. You can leave those to me.


At GavTax, I offer tax planning strategies on how to save your tax dollars, things like when it comes to buying or selling a property or how to take deductions on remodeling or while renting out. I offer a personalized approach to each of my real estate clients as no one solution fits all. My clients include the following:

  • Rental property investors
  • Flippers and wholesalers
  • Real estate developers
  • Nonresident foreign investors
  • Hard Money Lenders

Real estate tax issues can be complex to understand and this is where I come in. I help my real estate clients with the following services:

  • Tax planning strategies to take advantage of legal tax deductions
  • Tax preparation and filing and making sure that there are no ‘red flags’ or any IRS issues
  • Passive Income Losses
  • Depreciation
  • Writing off assets