You Would Need The Following Members On Your Team In Order To Build A Successful Real Estate Business

  1. Real Estate Brokers: Realtors or other agents know the trends; the patterns and they have access to the market information. They can tip you off to deals.
  2. Real Estate Lenders: Mortgage Brokers, Loans officers at banks. You can get multiple quotes from several lenders to be sure you select the one best for you and your situation.
  3. Real Estate Attorney: Laws vary by the State and therefore some states might require a real estate attorney to preside over all real estate transactions.
  4. Bookkeeper: Most people like to DIY this role. But what usually happens is that you end up spending precious time on such administrative tasks while you should be devoting time to investment activities.
  5. A Real Estate Tax Accountant: Someone who knows in the real estate tax code and its loopholes. He or she should work with you in reducing your tax obligations.
  6. Insurance Agent: Work with an insurance agent who specialized in real estate.
  7. Property Manager: A Property Manager can help you save tons of time and money.
  8. Escrow Officer, Appraiser and Home Inspector
  9. Contractors For Property Management such as handyman, plumber, roofer, landscaper etc.

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